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Uptime Technical Solutions started installing Multimedia Systems about 5 years ago when flatpannel LCD and Plasma TVs dipped below the $2500 and became a practical form of advertising and entertainment for our clients. It was a natural transition - we have been wall-mounting monitors for many years and all these TVs are really just big computer monitors. Along with these TVs we moved into some light sound system installations. Wall or ceiling mounted speakers are used to play ambiance music in an office setting making wait times feel shorter, reducing stress and helping relax.

What can I do with my wall-mounted panel?


The panel can play an advertisement presentation or display a series of images.


Our dentist customers often have TV news tuned in their waiting rooms - helping patients pass the time while instilling the presumption of "high tech" in their office. Restaurants and clubs will often use their panels for music videos or sports to provide patrons with entertainment.


In conference rooms these screens can be used for presentations. Their image is sharper than a projector and does not require the room lights to be dimmed.

We often pair our panels with a mini-sized PC that fits behind the screen. This PC has a DVD drive and can be utilized to play PowerPoint presentation, a Flash Animation, Movies and Clips - it runs a full version of Windows, so it can be used for practically anything - perfect for meetings, etc.